March 2024

ELEY USA | John Whidden Test Range Nashville, Georgia.

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Great News USA! May 2024.ELEY are pleased to announce the selection of Whidden Gunworks as an official ELEY Test Center.The new center will boast capabilities for testing at both 50m and 100m in a controlled indoor environment.Using the exacting formula developed at the UK test center, all ELEY batch testing begins with a minimum of

February 2024

ELEY’s all-new Ultra Extreme Long Range Round

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Unleash the power of precision with the all-new ELEY Ultra Extreme Long Range Round, a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of Long Range Rimfire Competition.With a heritage of manufacturing excellence spanning over 187 years, and a legacy of dominance in .22LR Rimfire Competitions, ELEY is once again redefining limits and pushing the boundaries of Rimfire

January 2024

ELEY x-shot Shot Show 2024

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Connect with ELEY, connect with the world. Ask for a demo in the ELEY booth 41316, Venetian EXPO Level 1.ELEY X-Shot is the new technological breakthrough in electronic scoring hardware. Leading the way in multi-detail scoring with the first portable, real-time shot detection device. Developed by ELEY Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England.Experience multi-detail scoring

April 2023

Introducing the new ELEY x-shot digital scoring app

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Launch offer we do not want you to miss! Introducing the new ELEY x-shot digital scoring app and online competition platform. Designed for Match Directors and Target Shooters, the ELEY x-shot app enables the convenience of instant target scoring with its advanced static scoring system. Simply capture a photo of your target using your device’s

Official Ammunition of the Steel Challenge

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ELEY x Steel Challenge. The official ammunition of the Steel Challenge Competition. 115gr / 124gr FMJ SUPERIOR SAFETY. ABSOLUTE ACCURACY. DEDICATED STEEL CHALLENGE AMMUNITION. Introducing ELEY's 9mm 115gr and 124gr minor power factor rounds. Specifically designed and manufactured here in the United States for the Steel Challenge Shooting Discipline. ELEY are proud to announce a

October 2022

ELEY Launch New VIP Customer Service Application

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Stay Connected with ELEY.Download ELEY’s new customer journey app here: are continuously striving to become the most customer-focused shooting competition brand in the world.We aspire to help our customers reach their competitive shooting goals, surpassing their potential and increase their enjoyment of participation in shooting sports.ELEY’s Marketing Director, Michael Atkinson says “Our new ELEYvip App,

July 2022

USA Shooting Team and ELEY Ammunition renew long-term partnership

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ELEY renowned for its product excellence in sporting ammunition, has taken another huge leap towards its vision - 'The most connected, customer-focused competition brand in the world'.Today Wednesday 07/27/2022 ELEY is proud to announce a renewed long-term partnership with the USA Shooting Team.The contract will see athletes compete with ELEY ammunition at the Olympic Games

November 2021

ELEY launch new Minor9 Competition Pistol Round

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SUPERIOR SAFETY. ABSOLUTE ACCURACY. YOU CHOOSE THE RECOIL! Introducing ELEY’s 5 new competition 9mm minor power factor rounds. Specifically designed and manufactured here in the United States for Practical Pistol and Pistol Calibre Carbine (PCC) disciplines. Following on from the enormous success of ELEY’s .38 Super Comp Major rounds for Open Division Practical Shooting, ELEY

July 2020

Greater performance for recreational rimfire shooters

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We’re excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new recreational rounds – ELEY action 42g and ELEY action plus 42g. The rounds will bring greater levels of performance, reliability and precision to recreational shooters. ELEY action and ELEY action plus have undergone extensive testing and development to ensure we are offering

March 2020

ELEY to hold PSL Prone competition at Western Wildcat Championships

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ELEY will be hosting its first PSL prone competition at the 61st annual Western Wildcat Prone Championships this March. Held at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, AZ and hosted by Desert Sharpshooters (18th – 22nd March), ELEY’s trial event will take place following the main match on Thursday and will run concurrently

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