We’re excited to announce the launch of not one, but two new recreational rounds – ELEY action 42g and ELEY action plus 42g. The rounds will bring greater levels of performance, reliability and precision to recreational shooters.

ELEY action and ELEY action plus have undergone extensive testing and development to ensure we are offering semi-auto shooters the ultimate in competition accuracy.

These performance gains are possible because of innovations in bullet profile and brass case design. The new bullet eases the loading of each round into the chamber, improving cycling rate when shooting at speed.

The case and rim design have been optimised to deliver consistent reliability in a wide range of competition firearms. This includes those that may have wider tolerance headspace which can lead to light strikes with match grade ammunition. These new features combine with ELEY’s renowned dry priming process which guarantees a consistent feel in every round.

ELEY action is a subsonic round with reduced recoil for faster target re-acquisition. ELEY action plus is supersonic with greater energy and velocity downrange. Both of the new rounds are available in a 500 round bulk pack and 50 round packs.

Want to place an order today? Find your local ELEY retailer by visiting www.eleyammunition.com/find-an-eley-retailer-by-zip-code/ or calling the ELEY team on 325-754-5771