Great News USA! May 2024.

ELEY are pleased to announce the selection of Whidden Gunworks as an official ELEY Test Center.

The new center will boast capabilities for testing at both 50m and 100m in a controlled indoor environment.

Using the exacting formula developed at the UK test center, all ELEY batch testing begins with a minimum of 15 lots. During testing,10 shots are fired from each lot and the most promising batches are identified. A further 30 shots are then fired from those selections. The resultant 40 shot group size is then consolidated and recorded by the ELEY software; making analyzing fast, simple and accurate.
Plans are in place to expand testing protocols to include rimfire pistol and air rifle and pistol pellet testing to support the ELEY tenex air line of pellets.
You can follow the development of the facility, check pricing and secure a test session by visiting:
Whidden Gunworks – 2264 Mark Watson Road, Nashville, Georgia, 31639.
Phone: 229-686-1911 or email: