ELEY high school All-American

ELEY hs All-American basic criteria and selection

ELEY will be the sole sponsor for the USA high school (hs) All-American program. The top ten averages in Small-bore Rifle and the top ten averages in International Air Rifle will be recognized as a hs All-American. The qualifying scores will be compiled from certain USA Shooting sanctioned matches and some CMP sanctioned air rifle matches. This list of matches will be published each year as some matches will change, this list is also subject to change throughout the year if matches are added to the calendar. You will need to fire a certain amount of matches from the eligible match list to qualify for hs All-American. An average will be calculated from the scores you submit, this will be a per shot average. Each hs All-American will receive a number coin and certificate of achievement. The top individual average in the small-bore event will receive an ELEY tenex test and 2500 rounds of selected tenex and the top individual average in the air rifle event will receive an ELEY ventus pellet test along with 2500 rounds of selected ventus pellets from the ELEY test facility in Winters, TX.​

basic criteria to be eligible for hs All-American includes:

·         The shooter must be an American Citizen.

·         The shooter must be a full-time high school student in the grades 9-12.

·         The student must hold a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher, between grades 9-12.

·         The student must be taking courses that would grant them NCAA eligibility through the NCAA Clearinghouse.

·         The shooter must fire at least the minimum amount of national matches (3 scores in each event) published for the eligibility year (this number could vary depending on the number of USA Shooting and CMP matches available throughout the year) and 2 sanctioned USA Shooting 50 foot local matches, which must be shot on the USA/NRA 50 International Small-bore Rifle Target.

·         The proper paperwork and signatures must be submitted by the submission date for the eligibility year.

·         The hs shooter may only be an All-American in any given discipline for a maximum of four years.​

2017-2018 eligible match list (will be updated as matches change):

·         Dixie Double (Nov 3-5, 2017), Air Only (2 matches)

·         Winter Airgun (Dec 1-3, 2017), Air Only (3 matches)

·         Junior Olympic State Qualifier (Dec 2017/Jan 2018), Air and SB (1 match each)

·         Camp Perry Open (Jan 12-14, 2018), Air Only (2 matches)

·         IWK Hochbrueck 2018 in Munich (Jan 2018), Air Only (2 matches)

·         Robert Mitchell Rifle Championship (Feb 4-11, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)

·         Spring Selection (March 27-April 4, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)

·         National Junior Olympics (April 5-27, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)

·         USA Shooting Nationals (June 10-17, 2018), Air and SB (2 matches each)

·         CMP Monthly Matches (Sept, Oct, March, April, May), Air only (1 match each)

·         All ISSF World Cup competition only that lie before May 31, 2018 (MQS and Elimination rounds will not count)​

Submission of forms

A parent, coach or teacher may nominate a high school shooter to the hs All-American. The shooter themselves cannot be the one to sign the forms, however they can help fill them out.

The ELEY hs All-American Score Reporting form is the only form that must be completed, signed and turned into Jamie Corkish, jamiecorkish@eleyammunition.com. This form can be filled out online, printed and mailed, or printed and scanned. All mailed forms should be mailed to:​

ELEY Americas

6 Sunset Plaza, Suite E

Kalispell, MT 59901​

The last match of each eligibility year will be USA Shooting Nationals. The hs All-American nominees will be presented at the USA Shooting Nationals match for the current year. All forms must be completed, signed and received by May 31, 2018. If you will be competing at USA Shooting Nationals those scores will be recorded by ELEY and will be calculated into your average. Please do not leave any fields blank. If additional space is needed please use an additional form. All scores fired from the eligible matches MUST be recorded.​

Committee and contact info

If there should be any discrepancies in this process there is a committee comprised of ELEY and USA Shooting Employees that will make all final decisions. Your scores will be double checked through the final match results of all eligible matches fired.

This program has been approved by the NCAA for eligibility reasons under the Division 1 rule number Division 2 has no rule for a program like this as long as a student-athlete does not have an agent or sign a professional contract they are eligible to compete at an NCAA level. You can find the NCAA Division 1 manual at ncaapublications.com. The customer service contact number for the NCAA in the case there are any eligibility questions is (317) 917-6008.​

2015-2016 ELEY hs All-American team

Jacob Buchanan (Air Rifle, Small-bore)

Emily Cock (Air Rifle)

Elizabeth Dutton (Small-bore)

Daniel Enger (Air Rifle)

Ian Foos (Air Rifle)

Ariel Hall (Air Rifle, Small-bore)

Angeline Henry (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Sarah Hickey (Air Rifle)

Jarrett Lash (Smallbore)

Catherine Miller (Air Rifle, Smallbore)

Zachary Schmidt (Smallbore)

William Shaner (Air Rifle, Smallbore)

Hailee Sigmon (Air Rifle)

2016-2017 ELEY hs All-American team

Dana Buesseler (small-bore)

Matthew Dorey (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Peter Fiori (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Elena Flake (Air Rifle)

Mason Hamilton (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Angeline Henry (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Hope Kavulich (small-bore)

Rebecca Lamb (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Matthew Liao (small-bore)

William Shaner (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Hailee Sigmon (Air Rifle, small-bore)

Grace Taschuk (Air Rifle)

Jordan Williams (Air Rifle)

Hs All-American questions, please contact: Jamie Corkish