ELEY established in 1828, is now globally recognised as the manufacturer of the most consistently accurate .22LR rimfire ammunition in the world.

ELEY ammunition has been proudly made in the Great Britain and now resides at our highly technical production and testing facility in Birmingham, West Midlands.

Our team includes internationally recognised specialists with extensive knowledge in internal and external ballistics, powder dynamics and many Six Sigma qualified engineers.

Innovation and continuous product development separate ELEY from its competitors. ELEY have always been at the forefront of the ammunition industry, pushing technological boundaries which have resulted in patented new methodologies and techniques.

Our products, allow target shooters at Club, World and Olympic level to realise their potential and win. We produce technically superior ammunition, whilst providing an excellent service to target shooters throughout the world.

Dedication, commitment and innovation are at the heart of the ELEY philosophy. The result is demonstrated by the countless medal wins and World Records won with ELEY ammunition.

ELEY timeline

ELEY celebrates 190 years of manufacturing ammunition

ELEY tenex competition air pellets are launched

ELEY ventus air pellets are launched

ELEY wins 4 out of 6 gold medals at the RIO Olympic Games. ELEY ammunition has won 125 Olympic medals since 1964

ELEY high velocity hollow is launched

ELEY open brand new cold testing facility in Norway

ELEY shooters Jin Jongoh and Petra Zublasing are named as 2014 ISSF Shooters of the year

ELEY wins all gold medals at the World Championships in Granada, Spain

ELEY tenex biathlon is developed for use in extreme conditions down to -20c

ELEY edge is launched – a cutting edge new cartridge with a patented oxidised brass cartridge

ELEY opens new state of the art test facility in Stuttgart, Germany and Texas, USA

ELEY ammunition takes 14 out of 18 medals at the London Olympic games

ELEY is used to win 100% of gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi

ELEY celebrates 180 years of ammunition production

ELEY wins 9 out of 15 medals at the Athens Olympic Games

The ELEY factory moves from the Lion Works Factory in Witton to the current production site in Sutton Coldfield

ELEY develop the flat nose bullet

ELEY receives the Queen’s Award for Technology for the development of ELEY prime

ELEY develops the world’s first and only automated dry priming system ELEY prime

ELEY is used to winthree gold, three silver and two bronze medals at the Montreal Olympic Games

ELEY tenex wins all gold and silver medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games

ELEY tenex is introduced and for the first time the British Championships are won with British manufactured ammo

ELEY celebrate their centenary

The manufacturing of metallic and shotgun ammunition is transferred to the Lion Works factory

ELEY is visited by H.M. King George V at the Lion Works factory in Witton, Birmingham UK

ELEY receives the award of the Gran Prix at the Paris Exhibitions in 1898 and 1900

ELEY goes public on the UK Stock Exchange

ELEY products receive public recognition at the Great Exhibition of London

ELEY produces the first waterproof percussion cap

ELEY is established by William and Charles Eley