March 2024

ELEY USA | John Whidden Test Range Nashville, Georgia.

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Great News USA! May 2024.ELEY are pleased to announce the selection of Whidden Gunworks as an official ELEY Test Center.The new center will boast capabilities for testing at both 50m and 100m in a controlled indoor environment.Using the exacting formula developed at the UK test center, all ELEY batch testing begins with a minimum of

February 2024

ELEY’s all-new Ultra Extreme Long Range Round

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Unleash the power of precision with the all-new ELEY Ultra Extreme Long Range Round, a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of Long Range Rimfire Competition.With a heritage of manufacturing excellence spanning over 187 years, and a legacy of dominance in .22LR Rimfire Competitions, ELEY is once again redefining limits and pushing the boundaries of Rimfire

January 2024

ELEY x-shot Shot Show 2024

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Connect with ELEY, connect with the world. Ask for a demo in the ELEY booth 41316, Venetian EXPO Level 1.ELEY X-Shot is the new technological breakthrough in electronic scoring hardware. Leading the way in multi-detail scoring with the first portable, real-time shot detection device. Developed by ELEY Ltd, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England.Experience multi-detail scoring

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