We’re proud to sponsor the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series (CRPS) for the second year in a row. As its national title sponsor, we are committed to raising the profile of rimfire competitions in Canada and help put on world-class events for Canadian shooters in 2019.

Sponsorship of the CRPS is a natural fit for ELEY as we continue to produce the highest quality rimfire ammunition for competitive .22LR shooters. As CRPS is a volunteer-run, not for profit organization, our strong reputation in the shooting sports industry means we can elevate the CRPS’ profile and its competitions.

Started in 2018, the Canadian Rimfire Precision Series is a new competition series designed to provide Canadians with challenging and exciting matches. It has been designed to bring the .22LR rimfire rifle platform and the difficulty of positional shooting together in the same event. The series is limited to the .22lr rimfire caliber and is divided into a production class and open class.

The 2019 season has already got off to a great start, with an event hosted at CFB Valcartier. Competitors were tested on their ability to read shifting winds and maintain positions as winds grew and gusted. A group of 35 dedicated competitors battled the elements to ring steel in very difficult conditions. We’re very much looking forward to more matches, especially as the weather thaws.

The next event is taking place March 9th in Ontario and is already fully booked! To find out more information about the series or to register to shoot in the next event, please visit https://rimfireprecision.ca/