ELEY is thrilled to announce the launch of not one, but two semi-auto .22LR rounds designed specifically for semi-auto benchrest shooters in the US.

The Benchrest discipline demands accuracy, reliability and consistency and that is what ELEY delivers with its unrivalled .22LR ammunition.

Semi-auto benchrest precision

ELEY semi-auto benchrest precision benefits from the engineering expertise behind ELEY’s leading .22LR target round – ELEY tenex. The 40grain round nose bullet profile is combined with an uncompromising approach to quality.

ELEY understand accuracy, consistency and reliability is the only way to win a benchrest match. As a result continuous research and development into semi-automatic target shooting ensures the new cartridges feature ballistic characteristics to outperform the rest and dominate in the most demanding conditions.

Semi-auto benchrest outlaw

ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw is breaking the rules in .22LR accuracy, delivering outstanding performance and reliability in every round. The semi-automatic ammunition provides benchrest shooters with a round that delivers shot-to-shot consistency thanks to its internal ballistic performance.

The heavier 42grain bullet features a slightly higher velocity of 314m/s – 326m/s to provide more recoil and cycle consistently in a wider range of semi-auto firearms

Whether training or competing, ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw provides the highest accuracy standards expected from ELEY.