ELEY tenex Rapid Fire Pistol
  • Strike Depth – 0.012-0.015 in
  • Recommended headspace 00.040-00.041 in
  • Mean Velocity is determined in ELEY Rifle test barrels. Results may vary in your firearm.
  • Drag Model – RA4
  • Ballistic Coefficient 0.112

ELEY tenex rapid fire pistol overview

More precision. More control.

Advanced recoil technology, the new tenex rapid fire .22LR round has been designed to leave your barrel with even more control and accuracy than ever before. Providing the best transition timing for a greater match score.

ELEY tenex rapid fire pistol features a new bullet profile designed to work specifically for shooters competing in rapid fire pistol events. It’s extremely consistent recoil technology has been developed to give elite athletes more control and greater accuracy than ever before.

Bearing the famous tenex name means that tenex rapid fire pistol has been assessed against the strictest suite of analytics.

With reliable functioning in every round, the cartridge guarantees to meet the minimum velocity requirements for ISSF rapid fire pistol disciplines.


key features


  • Advanced recoil technology
  • Round nose bullet profile
  • Incredible accuracy and feel

designed for


  • Professional and elite shooters

used for


  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol



  • 22LR Rapid Fire Pistol

bullet profile


Round nose

cartridge length


25.4mm / 1 inch

bullet weight


2.59grams / 40grains



Mean Muzzle Velocity : 269m/s – 280m/s

Mean Muzzle Velocity: 882ft/s – 919ft/s